Stupid things people have said:

“What’s a cheesesteak?’ (seriously..somebody did ask this)

“What’s the difference between a chicken cheesesteak and a cheesesteak?”

“What’s the difference between a chicken steak and a chicken cheesesteak?”

On a Saturday at 3 in the afternoon....”are you guys open?”

“Do you guys sell pizza?” (while looking at the menu that doesn’t have any pizza on it)

“I’ll take some onion rings” (no where to be found on menu)

“Does the pizza cheesesteak have meat in it?”

“Can you deep fry your onions?”

“Do you use steaks ums?” (oh, you use sirloin? I like the steak ums….and then walks out)

“You need some more Redskins stuff in here”

“I’ll take some waffle fries” (2 years after we stopped selling them)

“I’ll take a chicken philly” (Really.....a chicken philly? What is that?)

How big is a 9” cheesesteak? (its between an 8” and a 10” genius)

Does the cheesesteak come with sauce? (us, “what kind of sauce?”) You know….cheesesteak sauce? (what the hell is cheesesteak sauce)

Things people have asked for on a cheesesteak that are just ridiculous:

BBQ sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Brown gravy
Blue Cheese
Pickled Relish
Honey Mustard
Old Bay
Mayo, Lettuce Tomato on a Pizza Cheesesteak
I’ll have everything no olives

How not to Order a Cheesesteak
Too Lazy  

Cheese Whiz, American or Provolone cheeses available.

cheese whiz

For all you skeptical Philadelphians, we do have Cheez Whiz!

Amoroso Roll's straight from Philly.

cheese whiz

"Cheesesteak's served on Amoroso Rolls... the only way it should!"

Hoagies (subs)

These are cold subs folks, "hoagie" is a Philly term12" hoagies available on a wheat amoroso roll


Pronounced ("phil-eeni") Our take on the panini